We are an accomplished group of professionals with over 10 years experience in Hospitality, Event Planning and Management. Lekker Hospitality began as a dream of our founder, who has a deep passion for housing and entertaining guests, and her vision has grown into a full service hospitality and event management company in just over a decade. We eat, live and breathe her passion. Contact us today and we will make your next stay an unforgettable experience.

Our Services


Are you visiting Canada and require a home with the best security, privacy and comfort for a short period? Well look no further! Our hospitality services include your choice of immaculate living from Condominium living to fully detach 6 bedroom homes! We also offer premium add-on services such as private chauffeur and in-house chef. Visit our hospitality page for more information and to book your stay!

Event Management

Do you have a vision of your special day, but need a hand actualizing it? We can help! Hosting a successful and quality event requires diligent planning with close attention to details.

As a full-service event planning and management company, we will plan and implement your event of any size. With a passion for quality and client satisfaction, we do the heavy lifting to take the stress off you, and leave you with nothing to say but “Wow, I love it!

We Reimagined Hospitality & Events

We do what we love, and we love what we do! Visit our Hospitality and Events pages to learn more about our offerings or contact us for further inquires.